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My Approach

Roadmapping & Research

I wanted to create a subscription based streetwear brand where each month members received a box of exclusive, limited streetwear apparel designed and developed specifically for its members. The following is research, product design and development, which eventually became a successful venture. Streetbox Club was merged with another private company.


Streetbox Club

Streetbox Club is the world's first exclusive streetwear subscription club. STBX delivers exclusive streetwear apparel designed and developed in-house to its members each month. This can include anything from tees, tank tops, to bottoms and head wear.

the need

Why is Streetbox Club needed?

Currently there's no streetwear subscription business that delivers exclusive streetwear. Streetwear enthusiasts are in need of something that delivers a limited and exclusive product straight to their door, without paying the retail value. They value rarity, exclusivity and best of all in-house designed items over mass produced items or items that can be purchased anywhere.


What problem does it solve?

Streetbox Club closes the void of having customers go to the store to buy their streetwear gear. STBX comes to it's members. It eliminates the need to be the "first come first serve" for exclusive items - in particular brands like Supreme and Bape. Rather than being the first in line. Memberships are limited. This creates a more tailored approach to its members while keeping the products exclusive and limited.


Who will be using it?

Streetbox Club will target young adults, 18 to 28 years old , with an annual household income of $20,000 or more. Our target customer spends a significant amount of time on streetwear blogs, websites and shopping online. We have 3 Target Customers: The Hypebeast Male 18-28 years old High School Graduate or in college, usually lives in metropolitan city and buys Supreme, Bape and OffWhite brands. The Streetwear Fan 18-28 years enjoys all kinds of streetwear brands and doesn't really care much for hypebeast brands, but enjoys wearing affordable streetwear brands.


When and where will users be using it?

Users will order typically at work, home or anywhere they find it necessary to order an item without stepping foot in their favorite retail store. They will most likely be on Facebook, IG, Influencer channels, Streetwear Blogs, Adidas, Yeezy, HBX, think Hypebeast, Supreme.


What major challenges?

Products will have to be delivered each month so a method of designing, developing and delivering has to be established. I have to make sure that each box we deliver each month matches a theme for that month or season. I have to make sure each box is designed months ahead of time to ensure the design meets and exceeds standards.

For the web app I will be using Shopify. I need to make sure that members can be managed through the Shopify platform. Things like, size, custom options, color must be easily managed through Shopify or a web app.

Competition in the streetwear industry is fierce. It's over-saturated. Positioning Streetbox Club as a streetwear club will create it's own category and stand out from the rest. This could ensure a higher ranking in google engines and eliminate the stigma of "another streetwear brand."


Who Else Is Doing It?

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My Results

My Results & The Future

After months of research and product development I launched Streetbox Club to the world. We gained various subscribers and gained interest from various companies. The product worked. It was a very tough project and required a lot of man power. I ended up with over 5000 members on the waiting list and many became members. After a year of its a launch we decided to merge the company with another company which I can't disclose at the moment. The following are snippets of the business.