MVP Prototype Plan

Before you spend $50k-$100k on full development, I can help you design a clickable MVP prototype under $12k in just 4-6 weeks. Or spread it to a low monthly plan.

Why Do I need A MVP Prototype?

Creating a new product from ground up is very time consuming and lets face it, expensive. The MVP Prototype Plan is the Lean approach.

This is the stage before full development. Before you spend thousands of dollars on development, you need to make sure your product has been solidified, polished and ready for to be sent to developers. The goal is to make sure your product works and your core audience wants it.

If you're trying to land that partnership deal or if you're seeking capital for your next idea an MVP Prototype will maximize your chances of closing that deal. Stand out from the rest and wow that seed investor.

Investors want to know that you are serious about your project and are driven. By having an MVP Prototype along with the research and data behind it will maximize chances of getting that seed capital you've been dreaming of.

My job is to make sure I lower the risk or best of all eliminate the risk of taking a project to development only to find out it was a flop.

Through the MVP Prototype process I take your concept, find the core in the "What, Why, When and How" of your digital product and everything in between.

In short, the MVP Prototype Plan consists of research, validation (make sure your customers want it) and a clickable prototype that you can share with your team, test group (potential customers) and even potential investors.

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The following is the process in detail:

Step 1

Identifying The What, Why, When and How Of Your Digital Product

During the first week I'll dive in to your business plan and find the out ins and outs of your product. I'll find the core of the "What, Why, When and How" of your digital product and everything in between. By the end I'll have a clear concept of your vision and gather a group of expert UX researchers to give insight and feedback of your data. I'll then polish and solidify your project.

Step 2

Create A Wireframe

With Step 1 in place we move on to the visualization of your product. I'll gather all the research and data from our first step and begin designing a lo-fidelity sketch. I'll design the product in various ways and find the one that is most likely to be a success.

Step 3

Deliver A Prototype

After the approval of the wireframes it's prototyping time! I'll begin designing the UI (user interface) of your product into a gorgeous, simple and intuitive design that will act like the real deal, by delivering a clickable prototype that will you be able to share with your team, client, developers, test group (potential customers) and of course investors.

Step 4

Early Adopters & Validation Plan

Now that you have your prototype, I can help you launch your product and gather early adopters through a landing page. This will allow you to gauge interest, offer discounted pricing for early adopters and begin promoting your product to the world. I can also help you with Facebook Ad management, Instagram growth and on boarding sales funnels.