About Me

Peter is a senior product designer and startup founder with over 10 years of experience designing user-centric digital products from conception to market. He enjoys working on products that make a positive impact in the world and uplifts its team via a healthy and fun startup culture attitude. He specializes in UX design, UI, dashboard design, productivity tools, and SAAS products.

Services & skill set include:

✅ User Research
✅ UX Design
✅ UI Design
✅ Iterative Design Process (With Jake Knapp Sprint Processes)
✅ Extensive MVP Design Prototype 
✅ Product Validation (Pre-MVP Design)
✅ Landing Page Conversion Growth Tactics
✅ Brand Development
✅ Storyteller | Screenwriting



✅ Adobe XD
✅ Sketch | Figma
✅ Invision App | Marvel App | Balsamiq
✅ Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, AE, Premiere)
✅ Whiteboard + Post-Its + Millions of Markers + Sharpies
✅ Zeplin | Avocode
✅ UserTesting.com


Currently Improving:

✅ My Front End Skills
✅ Proto.io
✅ Master Google Sprint Design
✅ After Effects
✅ Drawing Illustration Skills