Shopquest Case Study

My Approach

Shopquest Roadmapping & Research

Shopquest wanted to create a delivery service application similar to Postmates but for apparel, cosmetics and footwear. The following are questions, interview data, and market research I compiled to find the solution and core of a MVP (Minimum Viable Product). I white boarded on-boarding, personas (market audience) and storyboard to better understand the process, people and product. I wanted to laser target the problem, solve it and market it to the right audience via a simple and intuitive user experience and an interface that made sense.



Shopquest combines the convenience of fast, free shipping with the satisfaction of shopping locally. With a simple, on-demand mobile app, Shopquest users can browse the inventory of local clothing, beauty and cosmetic stores, buy right from their phones and have their purchase delivered right to their door in as little as two hours.

the need

Why is Shopquest needed?

Currently there's a all-in-one delivery solution, which is mostly food and beverage industry products. ie. Postmates, Grubhub etc. There is no platform that focuses on apparel, cosmetics and footwear. Shopquest is the solution.


What problem does it solve?

Shopquest gives local retailers the ability to offer same-day delivery of any item in their inventory to local customers without the need to maintain their own fleet of delivery vehicles. Rather than forcing local shops to compete with the likes of Amazon by offering unhealthy discounts or pushy sales tactics, Shopquest levels the playing field by leveraging a third-party courier service to give customers the convenience of online shopping at the store of their choosing.


Who will be using it?

Shopquest will target young adults, 22 to 36 years old , with an annual household income of $40,000 or more. Our target customer spends a significant amount of time on her smartphone, especially when it saves times on things she already has to do- shopping on a smartphone is a natural extension of her daily routine. We have 3 Target Customers: The Millennial Woman 18-36 years old College Degree or young professional Lives in metropolitan city The Millennial Mom 25-36 years old Lives in metropolitan city College degree young professor


When and where will users be using it?

Users will order typically at work, home or anywhere they find it necessary to order an item without stepping foot in their favorite retail store.


What major challenges?

The application will need to have a feature where users will be able to add the sku/color of the product they want purchased and delivered from the local fashion store. The application will not carry any inventory so the focus should be on making it easy for the user to add the product to their cart.


Storyboard #1

Storyboard #2

Storyboard #3

Storyboard #4

Storyboard #5

Storyboard #6

Storyboard #7

Storyboard #8

Storyboard #9

Storyboard #10

My Approach

UI Design & Branding

After going back and forth with various color schemes, fonts and shapes we ended up using the following. I found out based on research and interviewing our potential users that the following colors matched our target audience and also correlated well with what the company was trying to be seen as.